SimCity BuildIt - Specialization Data

I've compiled all of the stats for the SimCity BuildIt specializations in the table below.

Note: "Area" = The area the bonus is applied to.

In order to compare the efficiency of each I've multiplied the Area x Bonus. The higher the result, the more efficient the item is.

I've highlighted the ones that I would call the "Best-In-Class". They are the most efficient and provide the most epic points for each grouping. It's worth noting that none of the gambling buildings provide 3 epic points, making them the hardest of the epic specialization buildings to complete.

* The Sydney Opera House and Ferris Wheel have the same Area x Bonus number, but I give the ferris wheel the designator of Best-In-Class due to it having a smaller footprint.
** The City Name Sign has a higher ranking than the Mountain Castle, but it requires 700 SimCash. If money is no object, the sign is worth getting.

EducationEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Education18x825%40,00016.0
Grade School110x825%320.0
Public Library112x825%524.0
High School114x1230%750.4
Community College 216x1640%10102.4
University 322x2250%25242.0
TransportationEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Transportation18x830%40,00019.2
Bus Terminal116x1220%438.4
London Bus Terminal116x1420%544.8
Airship Hangar216x1630%1076.8
Balloon Park216x1640%14102.4
BeachEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Surfer Beach13x1210%20,0003.6
Volleyball Court14x1210%54.8
Lifeguard Tower24x1210%104.8
Beachfront Shopping Mall27x1220%1616.8
Relaxing Beach23x2020%1212.0
Merman Statue36x2020%2024.0
Bluebeard's Pirate Ship25x1220%1312.0
Water Park27x3010%1821.0
Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride39x2030%3254.0
Sailorman's Pier36x2030%2236.0
Luxury Boat Marina39x3030%5081.0
EntertainmentEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Entertainment HQ18x820%60,00012.8
Expo Center218x1640%10115.2
Globe Theatre216x1830%1286.4
Sydney Opera House *320x2060%25240.0
Ferris Wheel *320x2060%28240.0
Sumo Hall316x1640%50102.4
MountainEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
City Name Sign **311x3060%700198.0
Cozy Cottages13x1220%10,0007.2
Mountainside Cottages14x1225%412.0
Hiker's Cottages15x2030%830.0
Alpine Café26x2035%1342.0
Mountainside Train Station36x2040%1548.0
Alpine Vineyard27x3045%2094.5
Mountain Lift14x2030%30,00024.0
Ski Jumping Hill26x2040%1548.0
Ski Hotel37x2045%2563.0
Ski Resort38x3050%30120.0
Mount SimCity37x2045%2563.0
Mountain Palace38x3050%30120.0
GamblingEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Gambling HQ18x820%70,00012.8
Gambling House18x1020%316.0
Sleek Casino112x1025%530.0
Sleek Casino Tower112x1025%630.0
Sci-Fi Casino112x1230%843.2
Sci-Fi Casino Tower116x1230%957.6
Luxurious Casino216x1650%10128.0
Luxurious Casino Tower216x1660%12153.6
LandmarksEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Culture18x820%80,00012.8
Tower of Pisa214x1620%1244.8
Big Ben216x1430%1467.2
Arc de Triomphe214x1640%1689.6
Brandenburg Gate216x1440%1889.6
Empire State Building316x1640%20102.4
Statue of Liberty314x1660%30134.4
Washington Monument318x1860%40194.4
Himeji Castle316x1860%60172.8
Eiffel Tower316x1840%40115.2