Discovery Delta - An Overview

Discovery Delta
No.Road ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
Western Great Work
1Sawyer's Crossing1No12031
2Huckleberry Island1No33031
3Thatcher Overlook1No31031
4Harper Plains2Yes30111
Southern Great Work
5Magnolia Wetlands1No00031
6Honesuckle Marsh1No10232
7Willow Woods1No23032
8Cottonwood Forest1No33031
Eastern Great Work
9Rising Sun Valley1Yes20031
10Cotton Bend1No23232
11Stackolee Ravine1No30032
12Barleycorn Point1No22032
Northern Great Work
13Washtub Fields1No10332
14Jugband Hills1No22032
15Kazoo Pass1No33032
16Spooner Plains1No10332

Interconnectivity: This region has five different rail systems which I've colored red, green, yellow, orange and purple. You can refer to the table above to see which cities are connected.  There is three different system of waterways which I've colored three different shades of blue.

Discovery Delta - Sawyer's Crossing

Note: The train doesn't work on this map.

Although it has a long coastline, Sawyer's Crossing only has room for 3 or 4 cruise ship terminals.

Discovery Delta - Huckleberry Island

Note: The railroad on this map is bugged and you are unable to connect to it. (Thanks for the tip Hony!)

Discovery Delta - Thatcher Overlook

Discovery Delta - Harper Plains

Discovery Delta - Magnolia Wetlands

Discovery Delta - Honeysuckle Marsh

Note: The ground is mapped incorrectly along the coastline. There are snap points for boat piers that go well within the land mass. I verified that boats do still arrive at the piers though. I've reported this bug to Maxis.

Discovery Delta - Willow Woods

This map is great for high wealth casinos. There is room for 10 cruise ship terminals.

Discovery Delta - Cottonwood Forest