Serenity Key - Oma Oma O

Serenity Key - Nui Lani

Serenity Key - South Wakea

Serenity Key - Namaka Beach

Serenity Key - Paniolo Pointe

Verdant Jungle - Anaconda Bay

Verdant Jungle - Jaguar Ridge

Jauguar Ridge makes it onto my list of "Most Unusual Maps" by virtue of the distinctive ridge that bisects the map.

Verdant Jungle - Tamarin Island

Tamarin Island makes it onto my list of "Most Unusual Maps" because it's one large island. It's similar to Summit Vista in Reflection Atoll. Whereas Summit Vista is symmetrical, Tamrin Island has a little bit of an unusual shape. However, it does offer two highway entrances, which is always a plus.

Rambling Badlands - Saguaro River

Rambling Badlands - Barrel Bend

Rambling Badlands - Agave Banks

Rambling Badlands - Yucca