Reflection Atoll - An Overview

Reflection Atoll         
No.CityRoad ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
1Ingot Landing1No  03032
2Soiree Sands1No  00031
3Summit Vista2No  00031
4Grand Haven1No  00031
5Cinder1No  30021
6Petrol Bay1No  00331
7Trader's Ridge2No  11131

Interconnectivity: All maps are connected via boat and rail.  

Reflection Atoll - Ingot Landing

Reflection Atoll - Soiree Sands

This map is great for high wealth casinos. There is room for 10 cruise ship terminals.

Reflection Atoll - Summit Vista

Reflection Atoll - Grand Haven

Grand Haven is a great map for Casino Cities. There is room for up to 15 cruise ship terminals.

Reflection Atoll - Cinder

Reflection Atoll - Petrol Bay

Reflection Atoll - Trader's Ridge