The Space Center Great Work-Around!

One of the biggest complaints I see for SimCity is that the Space Center Great Work is bugged on certain maps. You can pull a permit, but the 300 workers needed to construct it never arrive to the construction site.

5/17/16 Update: The bug has been fixed by EA. You should no longer run into this problem. I'll leave the text below for reference.

This is where it normally gets stuck. No matter how many unemployed workers you have, they just don't make it to the construction site.

Alas, a work-around for the bug has been discovered!  It was originally found by someone on a Japanese SimCity messageboard and then later described on a Japanese SimCity wiki site.

The Space Center Great Work Bug -- Solved!

The reason that the workers never arrive to the great work construction site is that the road from the space center to the regional freeway does not connect properly. In order to get the intersection properly connected, you can use Skye's Regional Freeway Mod to create a 4th leg to the intersection. There's only a small amount of space to do this because the railroad is in the way, but you can place a short dead-end segment between the intersection and the tracks. (Editor's note: Not every map has a railroad across the street. Just build a 4th leg. It doesn't matter how long it is. Regional freeways can cross regional railways too, so you can build past the railroad tracks if you like.)

Once you place the 4th leg to the intersection, the 300 workers necessary to build will start arriving. If it doesn't register the workers arriving right away, and you're a little impatient, you can close and restart your game. In the video demonstration below, I exited to the main menu and jumped back to the city three times before it worked. If you're not impatient, you can just let it sit and it should eventually build. Both methods work.

The best part about this fix is that it works in both online and offline games. Special thanks goes to Mark Norris from the SimNation Guild who brought this to my attention, tested it out on multiple maps and found that it worked every time. He also found that you can delete the segment after your workers are done building the great work. You can read Mark's comments on the fix below the video.

For a video explanation, you can watch the video below.

What You Need:

If you're in a city that's far away from the great work site, you'll need to be using "CamModB1" (Download here) so that you can see what you're doing. The normal camera mode makes it difficult to see this location.

You'll also need "Skye's Regional Freeway Mod" (Download here).

If you're not sure how to install mods, read my Mod Installation Guide.

Mark's Tips:
By Mark Norris

Which Cities will you need to do this?

The following is a list of Great Work Plots that either work, or can be made to work, for the Space Center. This list is by no means complete, and only represents the plots that I have personally verified. I'll point out that most of these were done in Online Sandbox mode, and I'm 99.9% sure that it doesn't matter (Discovery Delta - East was done in both Sandbox and non-Sandbox, with the same result).

GW Plots that work 'out of the box':
Discovery Delta - North, South, West
Verdant Jungle - North, South
Serenity Key - East
Titan Gorge - North

GW Plots that are bugged, but the workaround works:
Discovery Delta - East
Serenity Key - West
Reflection Atoll
Viridian Woods - North, South, East, West
Titan Gorge - South, East, West
Whitewater Valley *

* Reported by others

GW Plots that are bugged, but the workaround doesn't work:

When to place and remove the stub

First, if you are seeing workers going to the GW site (by looking at the population overlay) while you are sending resources, you're golden. It's not bugged.

For me, the optimal time to add the freeway stub is when you are about 80% done sending resources. This does two things--1) allows 80% of your resources to flow to the GW with ZERO traffic. 2) allows enough workers to get to the GW before phase 2 starts so that there is very little delay for construction to start.

You should be able to delete the stub after construction has begun. If it stalls again (it shouldn't), just re-add the stub to get it started.

Why remove the stub? If you are concerned that using the Freeway Mod might cause rollbacks or processing issues, you can remove it (and disable the mod). Otherwise, just leave the stub.

Did it work for you?
We hope this helps you out! Did it work or did you run into problems? Leave a comment below so we can learn from each other's experiences and confirm whether or not it's working on every map.

Not So "Great Work"arounds

Space Center Great Work Bug: (SOLVED!! Read 9/13/14 Update below)

January 8, 2013: I've heard multiple reports of the Space Center Great Work having difficulty pulling in the 300 workers required for it to function.  I don't know if it's an official bug, but if you're having the same problem, you're not alone. It only happens with the Space Center. The other Great Works are working out ok.  Leave a comment if you're having the same difficulty.

February 5, 2014: The developers are aware of the issue and there has been some suggestions by users that it is related to specific maps. You can read more about this bug on the SimCity messageboards.

April 22, 2014: Mark Johnson over on the SimCity messageboards has been testing out the Space Port great work and finding out which maps it can be built on, and which it doesn't. He's compiled the following list. (Source) Note: I haven't tried to build this GW since I started hearing reports of the bug. If you have success or failure with any of the regions below, please post a comment so we can get additional confirmation back to Mark Johnson.

Edgewater Bay
Cape Trinity
Verdant Jungle
Discovery Delta
Sunrunner Bay

Titan Gorge
Horizon Archipelago
Rambling Badlands
Whitewater Valley
Viridian Woods
Granite Lake
Reflection Atoll
Serenity Key

September 13, 2014: Mark Norris of the SimNation Guild found a solution on a Japanese website describing a work-around that gets the 300 workers to the construction site. It works! You can read more about it on my Space Center Great Work-around page.

Great Work Syncing Bug:

Several updates ago there were many issues with Great Works not syncing properly. This issue has been resolved, so I deleted that information from this page.