Whitewater Valley - An Overview

Whitewater Valley
No.Road ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
1Brakeman's Folley2No23121
2Whitewater Crossing1No***32021
4Elm Grove2No31320

*** The train system on Whitewater Crossing crosses through the middle of the map.

Interconnectivity: All maps are connected via boat and rail.  

Whitewater Valley - Brakeman's Folley

Whitewater Valley - Whitewater Crossing

Whitewater Crossing earned a "Most Unusual Map" rating based on it being the only map that has a railroad crossing through the middle of the map.

Whitewater Valley - Twain

Whitewater Valley - Elm Grove

Whitewater Valley - Riverbend