Vu Tower Upgrade Costs

If you build Dr. Vu's tower, you'll have access to disasters. When you release a disaster, a certain number of buildings will be destroyed, and the population within each of those buildings will be lost as well. To rebuild, you'll have to provide whatever items it is requesting. Unlike a brand new building, you only have to fulfill the construction order once. Upon completion the building will return to it's former glory, your population will return, and you'll receive a specified number of golden keys as a reward. 

As you complete disaster challenges, you'll be rewarded with Vu points. Eventually, you'll max out on points and be given the opportunity to pay for an upgrade. As you complete each upgrade, you gain access to new disasters, which also offer greater numbers of golden keys as a reward. There are 18 levels in all. Here's the breakdown on costs. 

Vu Upgrade Cost

The upgrades get very expensive, but it's awesome being able to complete a disaster challenge and be rewarded with 7 golden keys per Robot disaster when you're fully maxed out. The disaster rebuilds are generally a lot easier than boat shipments, which is an extra benefit to using Vu disasters versus the boats.


  1. So how long will it take to earn 2.2 million Simoleans back? Seems like a huge cost for the return when boat shipments will earn you keys with partial fraction of that investment.

  2. This section missed out on the fact that to launch disasters, you need special resources such as Vu Remote, Vu Battery or Vu Gloves. These items are very hard to come by... making the whole 'get golden keys by repairing' plan sort of moot... at least shipments are certain every 6 hours, the Vu Tower, you'll need to get the items to just unleash a single disaster...

    1. Thanks for the extra information and yeah, it looks like a disaster....

    2. Thanks for the extra information and yeah, it looks like a disaster....

  3. I found that once you are at Meteor level 3 you can get 3 keys relatively easy if you are in the process of making money thru trade with any mix of items... always buy a Vu item if you see it. I for one don't mind throwing $20 at this amazing game from time to time for the enjoyment it gives, so using that cash for Vu items for keys makes the most sense to me. you can get by without them but it means more scouring each person's trade offerings.

  4. Did you forget the initial cost of Vu's tower at 80,000. It is the easiest way to get keys. Keys buy great items in game.

  5. How do you upgrade for 1 star to two?

  6. At some point, you have utilities and there is not a lot to spend money on. Vu upgrades are somewhat free at that point. Also, the items that you need to get 7 keys from vu are less than 1 or 2 ships worth and less trouble. The ships ask for very expensive items at higher levels. Do vu and do it early

  7. Some say don't get the vu tower, some say do get it. Great for farming golden keys yes and finishing a couple CoM assignments very easily.
    Can a lvl 10 get the VU tower? Using helipads and universities? Or must you be 12 or 15?

    If you're pass lvl 16 I wouldn't bother unless you have a farm account because after 16, you'll never find the items, unless you're in a good club.
    You're progression to golden key buildings will be a lot slower via ship loading.

  8. Im lvl 10 and i have lvl 13 vu tower =), and early game its hard to get the items... imagine higher levels are harder...