SimCity Bugs Every New Mayor Should Be Aware Of

Let’s face it, SimCity is a buggy game. If you’re just now learning how to play, be thankful that many things have already been fixed since the game came out. For dealing with the bugs that remain, the key is to know which ones can be worked around and which ones you can’t do anything about.
  • Ignore the advisors. They whine at every little thing and often at problems that don’t exist.
  • Ignore the trash numbers. They often get bugged. As long as the trash is being picked up by the morning, you’re fine. 
  • Ignore the waiting times on mass transit. Those numbers get bugged and will often report gigantic numbers.
  • Trade depots often get bugged and lose their trucks. Demo and rebuild the truck garages to get them back.
  • The Space Center has trouble completing construction on certain maps, but there is a workaround that allows you to get it to complete.  This bug was fixed!
  • The Arcology Great Work will eventually bug out and have uncontrollable traffic. This sometimes takes 15-20 years to happen, but is pretty much inevitable if playing for a very long time.
  • In trade cities, you will occasionally get trade trucks stuck behind a traffic spawn point. Use Skye’s Regional Freeway mod to build additional entrances to your city and/or route trade trucks around the traffic spawn points. This mod is available for use in both online and offline game modes.
  • Megatowers are notoriously difficult to keep happy. Some think that they are bugged. I don’t’ know what the official word is, but the only time I can get them to be happy long term is in a city where they are the only source of housing: High Wealth Casino Cities and Electronic Farms.
  • Occasionally, a giant sinkhole will appear under a house. Demo the building to fix.
  • Streetcar avenue tunnels will sometimes be impossible to demolish. There is a mod that allows you to fix that if it happens.
  • There is an education bug that causes your city to permanently lose students to other cities. It’s only the students that ride busses that disappear to other cities and don’t return, so stick with the education buildings where busses aren’t required: Community Colleges and Universities.
  • The process of claiming abandoned cities is bugged. You often can’t claim due to the original owner of the city having different DLC, but I’ve known people who were unable to reclaim *their own* abandoned cities. Your best bet is to not play in public regions. Play in solo regions or in regions where you have friends or Guild members joining you. That way you won’t have to deal with people abandoning cities.
  • Exports occasionally get sold at $1 each instead of full price. There's nothing you can do to avoid this, and it can seriously hurt your bottom line. It's especially painful when it's computers that you're selling.

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