Guide to Club Wars

War Basics
Each player has 10 health.
Each player has a 12 slot energy bank. You start off with 6.

The Dome: Once your health goes to zero, no one can attack you until you completely rebuild. You will often be rewarded with war items for rebuilding.

Who can start a war?
Senior, Vice President and President members of the club can initiate a war

The War Timeline
The war timeline lasts 48 hours
  • 12 hours of prep time
  • 34 hours of attack at 1X energy
  • 2 hours of attack at 3X energy

48 Hour Timeline
12 Hours34 Hours2 Hours
Preparation StageAttack StageAttack Finale
6 Energy Provided1X Speed *3X Speed **
* 1X Speed = 15 minute intervals
** 3X Speed = 5 minute intervals

Managing your energy bank:
1X Speed (15 min per 1 energy) -- All but the last 2 hours.

  • 2.5 hours for 10 energy
  • 3 hours to max out at 12 energy
3X Speed (5 min per 1 energy) -- The last 2 hours of war is at 3X speed.
  • 50 min for 10 energy
  • 60 min to max out at 12 energy

War Strategies
Watch out: Some teams will jump out to a higher score, and then hide out while their entire team is under a dome. They’ll just quit playing, and really who likes doing that?

To combat that, you need to maximize your ability to score points. You can do that with the following strategy.
  • Take your opponents down to one health left. 
  • Use a high point disaster (6 points or greater) as the final one to put a dome over them. 
Why waste a high point disaster on an opponent with only one health?

You will be rewarded the full amount of points no matter how much health the opponent has.

For example:
Have a teammate knock an opponent down to 1 health. Your team will have earned 900 points. If you then use your own 9 point disaster to knock them from 1 health down to 0, you will still earn 900 points even though you've only removed 1 health. By using this method, your team will have earned 1,800 points off of an opponent’s 10 health. Multiply this over 25 opponents on the other team, the potential score you can obtain from your opponents will increase substantially, thus limiting the ability of the opponents to jump out to a lead and hide under a dome. 

Minimize the other team's ability to score off of your 10 health.
  • Don't rebuild your city until you're under a dome. Rebuilding allows the other team to score additional points off of your 10 health.
After your entire team is under a dome:
  • Attack right as you reach a max energy of 12. Make sure you can score a full 12 points. If the other team is not employing these strategies, they'll limit themselves to 10 damage, and you will have gained a 2 point advantage. 
Earning Chests
The maximum number of energy saved in the full 36 hours is 166. That equals a base score of 16,600 if each attack earns you 100 points. When you reach level 2, your attacks will earn an extra 10% i.e. 110 points for a 1 point attack. Thus if you want to earn two gold chests you'll need to make sure you attack pretty much every single time.  Once you reach level 2 or 3 on some of your attacks the extra bonus points will add up, allowing you to skip an attack or two and still hit 16,000.

Chest Rewards

Post War
The waiting period for the next war to begin is 12 hours.

War Loot

Win Reward
  • 30 Simcash
  • 3 Gold Tokens
  • 3 Platinum Keys
Participation Trophy (You lost, but you still get something)
  • 10,000 coins
  • 3 Silver Tokens
  • 5 Keys
Draw Reward (unconfirmed)
  • 15,000 coins
  • 3 Gold Tokens
  • 15 Platinum Keys
Note: If you do not attack the enemy, you will not earn any rewards.

Unlocking additional weapon levels:
Over time you will be rewarded randomly with disaster cards. Once you obtain enough cards, certain disasters will unlock. You will earn additional points with weapons at higher levels. For instance, a level 2 weapon will earn 110 points per one health.

Unlock Level 1 Weapon - 4 keys
Unlock Level 2 - 8 or 16 keys


  1. The rogue state in club war is recircle jump in club by club to help guiding them. Is that llegal

  2. >>Why waste a high point disaster on an opponent with only one health?
    >>You will be rewarded the full amount of points no matter how much health the opponent has.
    Furthermore, the opponent only incurs damage based on health. So if the opponent is down to 1 health before you hit with a 600 point attack that does 6 damage, they will only get 1 damage - this means the opponent does not get more war items than 10 health at a time. So opponents who enjoy getting hit will not like this las big attack that gave you 600 points, but they got coins or just 1 war item from repair (when they could have got a max 6)!