Horizon Archipelago - An Overview

Horizon Archipelago         
No. Road ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
 Northern Great Work         
1Oolong Peak1Yes  31022
2Ceylon Steppes2No  22233
3Lapsang Landing1Yes  23022
4Souchong Summit1Yes  31022
 Western Great Work         
5Toyokuni Strand1No  03331
6Hokusai Cliffs2No  12233
7Hiroshige Overlook1Yes  30022
 Eastern Great Work         
8Conch Beach1No  12131
9Cowrie Cove1No  30021
10Triton Valley1No  30023
11Nautilus Plateau1No  23032

Interconnectivity: This region has four different rail systems which I've colored red, green, yellow or orange. You can refer to the table above to see which cities are connected.  All of the waterfront cities are connected via water.

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