Titan Gorge - An Overview

Titan Gorge
No.Road ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
Western Great Work
1Conestoga Crossing2No21131
2Settler's Rest2No21131
3Frontier Fields2Yes10321
4Pioneer Plains1Yes00331
Southern Great Work
5Wrangler's Rest1No32012
6Painted Point1No22012
8Mustang Run1Yes30012
Northern Great Work
10Hickory Ridge1No33011
11Pinewood Hills1No13212
Eastern Great Work
14Nugget Plateau1No33012
15Placer Vista1No33012
16Claim Overlook1Yes32012

* Note the rail connection on Nugget Plateau is bugged and does not function.

Interconnectivity: This region has four different rail systems which I've colored red, green, yellow and orange. You can refer to the table above to see which cities are connected.  All of the waterfront cities are connected via waterway which I've shaded blue.

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