Viridian Woods - An Overview

Viridian Woods         
No.CityRoad ConnectionsLarge & FlatRail SystemBoat SystemCoalOreOilWaterWind
 Western Great Work         
1Landcaster Pointe1No  01331
2Yorkshire Cliffs1Yes  32031
3Wessex Bend1No  23131
4Tudor Isle1No  00231
 Northern Great Work         
5Giovanni Woods1Yes  32031
6Traviata Knoll1Yes  23021
7Figaro Forest1No  23031
8Tosca Cliffs1No  32031
 Southern Great Work         
9Monet Planteau1No  22231
10Gaugin Valley2Yes  31031
11Matisse Plains2Yes  32021
12Rousseau Flats1Yes  32031
 Eastern Great Work         
13Bamberg Basin1No  21231
14Hohenburg Shores1No  30331
15Burghausen Hills1No  13021
16Straussburg Isles1No  00331

Interconnectivity: This region has three different rail systems which I've colored red, green and yellow. You can refer to the table above to see which cities are connected.  There are two sets of waterways. I've colored the boat systems two different shades of blue to see which ones are connected.

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