Desolation - Fallout Epicenter


  1. why is there radiation in the center

    1. It's for those who have Cities of Tomorrow. With the expansion pack you can clean up the radiation and be rewarded with a perfectly flat map with a 3 rating in every resource.

    2. It's a fallout epicenter, meaning it was the target of an atomic bomb. Atomic bombs are known to leave behind radiation after strike. The radiation is supposed to be a challenge to the player. The city contains great resource supply, though the radiation next to the resources makes it hard to maintain drills and mines. This can be fixed with the help of the academy, a lot of money, and time to create a radiation cleanup device to rid of the radiation, as stated by Randy Roberts above me.

    3. @Unknown *Laughs in knowing you can simply spam Trees on that Area for 20 In Game Years*
      Nah but that map has a special Place in my heart smh