SimCity Landmark Dimension Guide

For a list of all the building dimensions, check out the Building Dimension Guide.

Oftentimes, I start building a city in SimCity with an ultimate design in my head.  I know where I want to place special landmarks, but I don't necessarily have the money to do so.  I thought that it would be nice to be able to leave the space required for the landmark ahead of time. Using sandbox mode on a flat map, I found the dimensions (using dirt road cost) of each of the SimCity landmarks. Most of these dimensions are set up so that if you leave the required space, you will be able to place the landmark in multiple orientations. For the square landmarks you should be given 4 rotation options and the rectangular landmarks, two orientations. I've noted the instances where this is not the case.

Since all of these were determined through a trial and error process, leave a comment if you find one that doesn't work for you. I suspect that maps with more elevation change may need larger areas for each of these.


Arc de Triomphe
$253 x $253

Big Ben
$253 x $253

Brandenburg Gate
$380 x $248

Cinquantenaire Arch
$305 x $305

Dutch Windmill
$190 x $190

Edificio Copan
$507 x $248

Eifel Tower
$444 x $444

Empire State Building
$373 x $248

$253 x $253

Kolner Dom
$636 x $435

Leaning Tower of Pisa
$192 x $181 (provides two orientations)

$251 x $227

Statue of Liberty
$253 x $253

St. Basil's Cathedral
$442 x $396

Stockholm City Hall
$442 x $246

Tokyo Tower
$315 x $315

Zamek Krolewski w Warszawie
$637 x $442

Washington Monument
$220 x $220

Willis Tower
$253 x $253


Globe Theater
$253 x $253

Oslo Opera House
$818 x $444

Sydney Opera House
$782 x $442

Expo Center
$607 x $451

$928 x $550

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