The SimNation Guild

What is the SimNation Guild?
  • A Facebook group of positive players who can appreciate the game despite it's problems
  • A relaxed and groovy Guild of Mayors who understand and appreciate being part of a friendly diverse guild.
Core beliefs of the Guild
  • We love SimCity (despite the "launch fiasco" and slew of bugs still being worked out)
  • We want to play it with other relaxed and groovy people (to clarify- 'relaxed and groovy' does not mean lazy or inactive)
  • We want to have a place to easily connect, share and strageize about our Guild Regions, participate in our own themed events, and compete for recognition on the Leader Board 
How do you join?
We welcome anyone with a love of the game, respect for all players, and a willingness to collaborate. Just "Join" the group on Facebook and an admin will most likely approve you the same day. There's no application or try out process. Just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to share, learn, and have fun.

What the members are saying about the SimNation Guild:

"I love SimNation. Best thing I did was joining SimNation. Great bunch of people. Love hanging out with them. Love the social side. Love the challenges." - Skyestorme  (hear more about what he had to say in the video below)

"To me, the SimNation Guild is an oasis of SimCity positivity in an otherwise negative online world. You won't see people constantly complaining about map sizes and bugs. We do discuss our frustrations, but don't let them ruin our ability to enjoy the game. We discuss workarounds and ways to enjoy the game despite it's shortcomings.  We have themed regions constantly starting up so if you're looking for a fun group of people to play with you've found it.  I've also been really impressed with the diversity of the group. The ages tend to skew a little bit older (average age is probably in the mid-thirties) and members come from all over the world. It's an international group with active members in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Thailand, England and everywhere in between. Many of the popular Youtubers are members of the guild and frequent contributors. You'll see myself, Skyestorme, SimCity Brian and others frequently join the discussions. If you want to hang out and interact with a fun group of positive people, the SimNationGuild is the place to be. Drop on by sometime, say hi and hang out with us."
-Randy Roberts from

See what SkyeStorme had to say about the SimNation Guild:

Are you

Convinced, you want to join? Join by following the link below and click "Join" on the Facebook page.

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SimNation Guild Members that can be found online


Brian Boyd @SimCityBrian
Eric Provost @n_stein
Francisco Cortez @BiscoMix
Jennifer Spencer @rosieskittles
Joshua Gellock @jgellock
Nathan Gibson @NathanGibson91
Randy Roberts @SCPlanningGuide
Ricardo Kutz @ricomon35
Skye Storme @xSkyestormex
Sabrina Glozeris @SplineCast
Jeff Mitchell @jeffm26


Sabrina Glozeris -


  1. I am a new member of our cities planning and zoning committee and one of the problems we are having is visualization and the ability to communicate to the city council how our future land use should look. Then I remembered SimCity from 2001....I have never played but I thought the concept was unique.
    1) Is there any way for me to map out our current city or a portion of and then build in concepts for future land use maps?
    2) Is there a way to tie in the main arteries from adjacent cities?

    1. No, not really. The city size is very limited and there's not enough zoning types to mimic real world situations.

  2. Is there anyone out there using SimCity to simplify real world planning and zoning events?

  3. "The city size is very limited and there's not enough zoning types to mimic real world situations."

    The link below allows you to download a mod which apparently allows up to 50% more space in cities.


  4. DONT click on Sabrina Glozeris's website link. It's no longer working and is a fake virus website pop up.