#SimCityBTB Academy City

I made it into this week's Build The Best Contest! This week's theme is "Best Academy City".

Please do me a favor and go Like my photo on the main SimCity Facebook Page by clicking on the link below.

Here's a link to the contest gallery.

Editorial note on the #SimCityBTB contest:

Maxis' main social media guy Michael Donahoe @cootweetbro left Maxis and is now working for Facebook. The #SimCityBTB contests has been a bit disorganized since he left. Although I tweeted the above photo in plenty of time, I never got a retweet. They originally only had 3 entries to the contest.  I posted my photo as a comment in the gallery, and then they included it after the fact. This tells me that the new social media person doesn't follow twitter very closely and/or doesn't search for the #SimCityBTB hashtag. I now recommend that you submit your photos via twitter AND email to SimCityCommunity@ea.com. I think all of the initial entries were via email.

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