SimCity Official Challenge "Everyone Wants An Ocean View"

Here's my entry for the first official SimCity Challenge "Everyone Wants an Ocean View".

Here's the criteria for the challenge:

Region: Verdant Jungle
City Site: Tamarin Island
Restrictions: Non-Sandbox Mode. MegaTowers forbidden. Must have positive cash flow for three months.

We were allowed to use CoT in the other cities, but not Tamarin Island. 

I built up the entire quadrant with cities. I built a cash cow Casino City, Academy City and an Electronics City. I tried to keep an excess of industrial to provide a place for people to commute to. Each city also had an excess of sewer and water to provide to Tamarin Island. In order to remove the neccessity of power production, I built a Solar Farm Great Work.  I needed two trash dumps in Tamarin Island but eventually got rid of one of them near the end to try to max out the population. 

I followed the same criteria that was discussed in the High Population Guide, although I added in Regional Buses and Commuter Ferries to try to get people to commute outside the city.

At this early point I still had Commercial and Industrial mixed in with the Residential. 
Tamarin Island at 1,000,000

The population details when I hit 1 Million
My support cities can be seen in the distance.

All Low Wealth, High Density

Sunset on an overpopulated Tamarin Island

As you can see in my last photo below, my highest population was 1,155,082. I kept a positive cash flow the whole time. While pushing to all residential, I lowered the taxes as much as I could without going negative, to encourage development.

Origin ID: UncivlEngineer
Server: North America West 4
Region: SimCityChallenge
City: Tamarin Island
Highest Population: 1,155,082

My official entry photo. Highest Population=1,155,082
UPDATE: The results came in and the winner of the challenge was mcn97 with 1,425,220

That was a seriously impressive number!


  1. Hi there, I am Phongpanot from the SimNation guild. I wanted a photo with zones overlay to do it myself.

  2. At the end, it was all residential. Unfortunately, I didn't save any zoning photos from early on.

  3. Skye Storme did it! You are the looser!

  4. Actually, Skye came in 2nd. The winner was mcn97, who is also a member of the SimNationGuild. At least we kept it within the Guild! I added a link at the bottom if you'd like to see more of the winner's photos.