Building Dimension Guide

The following table has the building dimensions for every building in SimCity. The dimensions were calculated by user spamspamspambot on the EA forums. I didn't want this massive amount of work to lay unnoticed in the forums so am reproducing it here.  Mad props to spamspamspambot for all the hard work that went into this list. Whoever you are, thank you!

You can see the original EA forum post for this, by clicking here.

The "Nominal" dimensions listed are for the dirt road cost and do not include the road width. If it's adjacent to a road, you need to add 25 for each road or 49 for each avenue. I've already done this additional calculation for you and added it as additional columns.

Example: Omega HQ is listed as 390 x 390. Suppose you want to surround it by roads. Then you would add 25 for each road so 390 + 25 + 25 = 440. Construct a 440 Simolean long dirt road and you will have the proper length. Similarly, if you want to surround it with avenues you would add 49 for each side so 390 + 49 + 49 = 488.

Road and Rail
Service Roads
  Wind Service Road13
  Garbage Dump Service Road13
  Oil Well Service Road13
  University Pedestrian Walkway13
  Dirt Road25
  Low Density Road25
  Medium Density Road25
  High Density Road25
  Medium Density Avenues49
  High Density Avenues49
  High Density Avenues with Streetcar Tracks49
  Railroad Tracks25
  Streetcar Tracks25
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Zoned BuildingsWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
High Density Residential Building195195245245293293
High Density Commercial Building195195245245293293
High Density Industrial Building384195434245482293
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Power - DirtyWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Coal Power Plant
  4 Dirty Stacks231192281242329290
  4 Advanced Stacks298216348266396314
  4 Clean Stacks290214340264388312
Oil Power Plant210194260244308292
  4 Conventional Stacks250208300258348306
  4 Combustion Stacks256208306258354306
  4 Clean Stacks269216319266367314
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Power - GreenWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
    With 23 Vertical Wind Turbines97365010237001071748
    With 24 Vertical Wind Turbines333192038319704312018
    Base only212212262262310310
    Fixed Panel195200245250293298
    Concentrated -  Large Overlap (~32x40) 128133178183226231
    Full 16662344712394760442
Wave Power Plant (1)248150298200346248
  Either Generator100125150175198223
(1) Distance indicated is from the road to the shore
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Power - High TechWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
     Gen 1241223291273339321
     Gen 2273255323305371353
     Fast Neutron363281413331461379
     3 Reactors450345500395548443
     3 Advanced Reactors544402594452642500
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Other UtilitiesWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Water Tower10499154149202197
Hydro Pumping Station10499154149202197
Water: 299x195 299195349245397293
Sewage Outflow Pipe97122147172195220
Sewage Treatment284195334245382293
Sewage Sanitizer274195324245372293
  4 Incinerators 500302550352598400
  4 Incinerators (2 per side)500486550536598584
Recycling Center388362438412486460
  2 Full Centers795496845546893594
Ground Scrubber114101164151212199
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Fire Station (1)8999139149187197
Large Fire Station (5)285195335245383293
     Garage, Hazmat & Drone - overlaps 13311783167131215
  Fire Marshal - overlaps 2 (2)50117100167148215
Clinic (3)12798177148225196
Hospital (5)285195335245383293
     Wellness - 25 overlap10084150134198182
     Emergency Room85115135165183213
Police Station (4)151147201197249245
French Police Station (4)151147201197249245
Police Precinct (5)280195330245378293
     Crime Prevention7471124121172169
     Detective Wing11297162147210195
Maxis Man205195255245303293
Vu Tower  167161217211265259
Vu Tower with Tower Upgrade262161312211360259
Progressive Building195195245245293293
(1) Fire station has no overlap 
(2) Demolish original garage, to place 2 Garages in the same space 
(3) 1st clinic on the side overlaps most of the base 
(4) Besides the jail ground floor, modules take up no space 
(5) if placed intelligently the Large Fire station, Police Precinct
and Hospital can fit many of their extensions within 390x195~ 
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Grade School201162251212299260
     Upgraded Grade School w/ both placed on right side 272178322228370276
High School202195252245300293
     Upgraded *Gym is the only thing that takes extra space 330195380245428293
Community College249195299245347293
University (1)313429363479411527
  Law School313195363245411293
(1) All upgrades except for 1 dorm can be made fit within 689x605 
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
City Hall208291258341306389
     Fully Upgraded390450440500488548
Mayor's House131101181151229199
     Fully Upgraded315259365309413357
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Bus Depot162209212259260307
Park and Ride10398153148201196
Regional Bus Terminal390195440245488293
Double-Decker Bus Terminal390195440245488293
Street-Car Depot327245377295425343
Train Depot205211255261303309
German Train314211364261412309
Ferry Terminal (1)248150298200346248
Airship (Blimp) Hangar423288473338521386
      With Passenger Airship518290568340616388
  Airport with two runways105128811013381149386
  Airport with three runways105135211014021149450
  Airport with four runways105141611014661149514
(1) Distance indicated is from the road to the shore
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Mining and Drilling BuildingsWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Coal Mine271194321244369292
Advanced Coal Mine329258379308427356
Ore Mine342194392244440292
Oil Well242484292534340582
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Factories (Smelting, Refining, Electronics)WidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Smelting Factory393259443309491357
  Full Upgraded Smelting Factory552271602321650369
Oil Refinery401329451379499427
  Oil Refinery without plastic module242329292379340427
  Fully Upgraded Fuel Refinery401520451570499618
  Fuel Refinery x2415762465812513860
Processor Factory386194436244484292
     Full x2476568526618574666
Consumer Electronics Factory465198515248563296
     Full (Watch Skye's video to see how this is done)787198837248885296
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Trade Depot293194343244391292
  Trade Depot with No Freight 258194308244356292
  Trade Depot with four storage lots318288368338416386
Trade Port326250376300424348
  Trade Port with No Freight214194264244312292
  Full - Including everything but dock509456559506607554
  Ship Dock (From the building to the shore)199175249225297273
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Gambling House160160210210258258
     Cheap Room: +56 or 95 for cheap room on back, 
     Cheap Room: +48 or 87 for cheap room on side
Cheap Room (1) (2)
Sci-fi Casino405259455309503357
Sci-fi Casino with rooms:405368455418503466
     Disco Club175195225245273293
     Celebrity Stage127146177196225244
Sleek Casino335258385308433356
Sleek Casino rooms +73 per side
Sleek Casino rooms: +126 on back
     Poker Parlor111114161164209212
     Craps Parlor11198161148209196
Roman Luck Casino365195415245463293
     Baccarat Room128130178180226228
     Concert Hall255195305245353293
Elegant Casino391258441308489356
Elegant Casino Room: +61 for rooms on back
Elegant Casino Rooms: +42 for rooms on the side
     Roulette House145145195195243243
     Exclusive Club145195195245243293
(1) Optimal positioning may be difficult, if cheap rooms are placed on the side. 
(2) Marquee only overlaps on either side of the Gambling House 
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Headquarter BuildingsWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Metals HQ280280330330378378
Petroleum HQ272195322245370293
Electronics HQ288195338245386293
     Consumer Electronics271195321245369293
Trading HQ303195353245401293
Gambling HQ287195337245385293
     Gaming 223146273196321244
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Cities of TomorrowWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
     Controlnet Facility175195225245273293
Omega Co326195376245424293
Omega HQ390390440440488488
Megatower - Standard450450500500548548
Megatower - Elite450450500500548548
Note on Parks: Using the Edit function will cause overlapping, allowing for greater density than suggested by dimensions. 
Thus any equivalencies stated below are only true when adding multiple parks via edit function. 
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Small Parks
     $ Basic:     Blacktop6350113100161148
     $ Basic:     Swings6350113100161148
     $ Basic:     Rides6350113100161148
     $ Basic:     BBQ Pit6350113100161148
     $$ Nature: Pond 6350113100161148
Small Rectangular Parks
     $$ Sports: Volleyball Court 9863148113196161
     $$ Nature: Wavy Path Park9863148113196161
     $$ Nature: Straight Path Park9863148113196161
     $$ Nature: Colorful Path Park 9863148113196161
     $$$ Plaza: Flower Plaza9863148113196161
     $$$ Plaza: Small Sculpture Garden 9863148113196161
     $$$ Formal: Fountain Plaza9863148113196161
     $$$ Formal: Fenced Fountain Plaza 9863148113196161
     *2 Small parks = 1 Small rectangular park (1)
     $$ Sports Tennis Court11150161100209148
     $$ Sports Basketball Court 11150161100209148
Medium Park 
     $ Basic: The Excitorium11198161148209196
     $ Basic: BBQ Pavilion11198161148209196
     $ Basic: Water park11198161148209196
     $ Basic: Small Field 11198161148209196
     $$ Sports: Athletics AR Center11198161148209196
     $$ Sports: Medium Skate Park 11198161148209196
     $$ Nature: Medium Path Park 11198161148209196
     $$$ Plaza: Medium Sculpture Garden 11198161148209196
     $$$ Formal: Small Fountain Park 11198161148209196
     *2 Small Rectangular Parks = 1 Medium Park 
Oblong Parks
     $$ Nature Tall Tree Row3219582245130293
     $$ Short Tree Row 3219582245130293
Thin 63195113245161293
     $$ Nature: Tree Lined Walkway63195113245161293
     $$ Nature: Wavy Tree Lined Walkway 63195113245161293
     $$$ Plaza: Double Walkway63195113245161293
     $$$ Plaza: Simple Walkway 63195113245161293
     *3 Thinnest parks = 1 Thin park 63195113245161293
     *2 Small Rectangular Parks = 1 Thin park 63195113245161293
Medium Rectangular Parks 
     $$ Sports: Large Skate Park 111195161245209293
     $$$ Plaza: Large Sculpture Garden111195161245209293
     $$$ Plaza: Large Urban Sculpture Garden111195161245209293
     $$$ Plaza: Urban Greenspace111195161245209293
     $$$ Plaza: Tiered Urban Greenspace 111195161245209293
     $$$ Formal: Reflecting Pool Park111195161245209293
     $$$ Formal: Large Fountain Park 111195161245209293
     *2 Thin Parks = 1 Medium Rectangular Park 111195161245209293
     *2 Medium Park = 1 Medium Rectangular Park 111195161245209293
Large Parks
     $ Basic: Medium Field /w Parking 210195260245308293
     $$ Sports: Soccer Field 210195260245308293
     $$ Nature: Large Path Park210195260245308293
     $$ Nature: City Park210195260245308293
     $$ Nature: Community Park 210195260245308293
     $$$ Plaza: Millennium Plaza210195260245308293
     $$$ Plaza: Plumbob Park 210195260245308293
     $$$ Formal: Amphitheatre 210195260245308293
     *2 Medium Rectangular Park = 1 Large Park 210195260245308293
Largest Parks
Large Rectangular Park (2)272195322245370293
     $ Basic: Large Field /w Parking 272195322245370293
     $$ Sports: Baseball Field 272195322245370293
Balloon Park257195307245355293
     $$ Sports: Hot Air Balloon Park 257195307245355293
     $$$ Formal: Urban Hot Air Balloon Park 257195307245355293
     *1 Large Park + 1 Thin park = Balloon Park 257195307245355293
Miscellaneous Park 
     $ Basic: Small Field /w Parking 14398193148241196
(1)  Not Tennis or Basketball court
(2) 1 Large Park + 1 Thin park + 1 Thinnest park = Large Rectangular Park 
*Low Tourist Attraction = $ 
*Medium Tourist Attraction = $$ 
*High Tourist Attraction = $$$ 
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Small Landmarks
     $$ Dutch Windmill 130130180180228228
     $$$ Leaning Tower of Pisa 130130180180228228
     $$ Washington Monument 185185235235283283
     $$ Rundetarn 160195210245258293
     $$ Giralda 195195245245293293
     $$ Willis Tower 195195245245293293
     $$$ Arc De Triomphe 195195245245293293
     $$$ Big Ben 195195245245293293
     $$$ Globe Theatre 195195245245293293
     $$$ Statue of Liberty 195195245245293293
Medium Rectangular Landmarks
     $$$ Empire State Building 195304245354293402
     $$$ Brandenburg Gate 195320245370293418
     $$ Stockholm City Hall 195390245440293488
     $$ Edificio Copan 195450245500293548
Medium Landmarks
     $$ Cinquantenaire Arch 240240290290338338
     $$ Tokyo Tower 255255305305353353
     $$ * Basil's Cathederal 335390385440433488
     $$$ Eiffel Tower 390390440440488488
Large Landmarks
     $$ Kolner Dom 575390625440673488
     $$$ Zamek Krolewski W Warszawie 575390625440673488
     $$$ Sydney Opera House 730390780440828488
     $$ Oslo Opera House 390768440818488866
Stadiums (1) (2)WidthDepth
EXPO Center on street450390
EXPO Center on avenue450414
PRO Stadium on street756495
PRO Stadium on avenue756519
(1) Stadiums come with their own roads that surround the sides and back with high density streets
(2) You should not surround them with an additional layer of roads. Do NOT add road or avenue lengths
when calculating placement
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Crest DLC AttractionsWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
Giant Garden Gnome195195245245293293
Larry the Llama195195245245293293
Maxis Man195195245245293293
World's Largest Ball of Twine195195245245293293
Dolly the Dinosaur255195305245353293
NominalWith RoadsWith Avenues
Houses of WorshipWidthDepthWidthDepthWidthDepth
All places of worship224195274245322293


  1. I'm having trouble placing the 'Consumer Electronics Factory' on Full with 837x248. Could you please post a picture?

  2. You'll need to watch Skye's video to see how to fit the Consumer Electronics factory into it's smallest footprint. It's pricey because you have to build some parts and then delete them, but once you get it all done it's a really small footprint. You can watch it at I added a link to that line of the table above.

    1. Thanks! Not sure where else I can ask this question, but, my factories are producing at 4800 Computers/hr. I'm using the Arcology so my population is 0 in my city. Do I have to use a University to increase the knowledge network?

    2. Yes you have to use community colleges or universities to increse your tech levels ... check out Skyestorme's 3 part education guide on youtube ... it is very helpful

  3. The university with all (1) it's the nominal, with road or avenue ?

  4. This is a great resource, a lot of work went in to it and it is very helpful. I know I am offering this suggestion very late but has anyone put this into a chart that can be easily printed and kept on hand?