Battle of the Badlands 2 - a SimNation Guild Event


Team Uncivil took the title for Battle of the Badlands 2. Join the SimNation Guild to keep an eye out for future events. You can click on the scorecard below to see how everyone did.


Interested in taking part in a competitive team-based SimCity event? 

Join the "Battle of the Badlands 2" which starts this Friday. You can read the details below, but to take part you need to join the SimNation Guild at


  • This will take place ONLINE and in the Rambling Badlands. server NAE1.
  • This event WILL start on Friday the 13th of June 2014.

Look for teams looking for members and post in the event thread if interested

Host: Monte

Regions will be created by designated team leaders.
2 teams will compete in each Rambling Badland region however all teams are competing against each other.

For ease of recording and livestreaming the event I will ask that all regions be on the same server.

RULES AND REGULATIONS - Gotta have rules or its not a challenge. For those who don't want rules go back to the sandbox

MODS:Only Visual Mods

No outside game programs such as mouse clickers are to be used.

Building restrictions in each city:
The 5 Factory limit rule (limit 5 of each of the following in each city) - OMEGA, CONSUMER, SMELTING, OIL REFINERY, PROCESSOR.

Each casino type is limited to 2 in each city. (total casino buildings in each city is 10)

Limitation is per city. So no OMEGA COWS OR COMPUTER CITIES! Sorry that is just to easy. TEAM PLAY IS KEY to this event. Not one or 2 players making all the money. :P

How do I win????
Each team will be working to have more simoleons then any other team. Here is the catch. I will also be including bonuses and subtractions.

Bonus (Percentage of team cash total at event end)

  • Highest Sim population. Bonus: (+20%)
  • Most high wealth: (+20%)
  • Most Freight: (+10%)
  • Most Enrolled students: (+10%)
  • Most Control Net: (+10%)
  • Most Tourists: (+10%)


  • Highest amount of criminals: (- 20%)
  • Most Pollution: (-10%)
  • Homeless: (-10%)

Time frame:  Friday 6pm Eastern US time start and close the event out on Sunday night 9pm Eastern US time. I want to try and make is so most players can join the kickoff and finish. These events are truly global so you will all have to deal with the fact I live on the East coast of the US. :P

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