SimCity BuildIt Specialization Data

Special thanks goes out to who put this table together!

TypeNameAreaPop Boost %Simolean PriceSim Cash PriceKey PriceLevelPop ReqOther Req
PARKSmall Fountain Park8x85     4,000 ₡3
Modern Art Park6x810     5,000 ₡3
Plumbob Park6x820$843
Reflecting Pool Park6x820     6,000 ₡2,000
Llarry the Llama8x825$2802,000
Peaceful Park6x1025     8,000 ₡5,000
Urban Plaza6x820   12,000 ₡9,000
Ball of Twine6x830$3009,000
Sculpture Garden6x830   16,000 ₡15,000
Row of Trees12x430   20,000 ₡18,000
Soccer Field8x825   24,000 ₡29,000
Jogging Path8x830   28,000 ₡39,000
Water Park8x825$40049,000
Giant Gnome8x830$50059,000
Basketball Court6x1030$60095,000
Dolly Dino8x1030$700105,000
Skate Park6x1240$800130,000
EDUCATIONDept of Ed8x825   40,000 ₡10
Grade School8x10253Dept of Ed
Public Library8x12255Dept of Ed
High School12x14307Public Library
Comm. College16x164010High School
University22x225025Comm. College
TRANSPORTATIONDept of Transpo8x830   40,000 ₡10
Bus Terminal12x16204Dept of Transpo
Airship Hangar16x163010Dept of Transpo
Balloon Park16x164014Dept of Transpo
Heliport18x185020Dept of Transpo
ENTERTAINMENTEntertainment HQ8x820   60,000 ₡20
Hotel10x10258Ent HQ
Amphitheatre10x10259Ent HQ
Expo Centre16x184010Ent HQ
Stadium20x205018Ent HQ
Sydney Opera House20x206025110,000Ent HQ
Ferris Wheel20x206028170,000Ent HQ
GAMBLINGGambling HQ8x820   70,000 ₡25
Gambling House8x10205Gambling HQ
Sleek Casino10x12255Gambling HQ
Sleek Casino Tower10x12256Gambling HQ
Sci-fi Casino12x12308Gambling HQ
Sci-fi Tower12x12309Gambling HQ
Luxurious Casino16x165010Gambling HQ
Luxurious Casino Tower16x166012Gambling HQ
LANDMARKSDept. of Culture8x820   80,000 ₡30
Tower of Pisa12x162012Dept of Culture
Big Ben14x163014Dept of Culture
Arc de Triomphe14x164016Dept of Culture
Brandenburg Gate14x164018Dept of Culture
Empire State Building16x164020Dept of Culture
Statue of Liberty14x166030200,000Dept of Culture
Washington Monument18x186040250,000Dept of Culture

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