The SCPG has expanded to CitiesXXL and soon Cities:Skylines

I've just completed a full jump into another game: CitiesXXL and will soon be embarking into Cities: Skylines. is complete and ready for users to browse every map and resource. is open for business

Like everyone else, I've been excited to see the early videos of Cities:Skylines. I'm currently in the process of getting up and running as well. Stay tuned on more info on that endeavor, although you can already go ahead and bookmark it if you'd like. All I have so far is some useful links but as soon as I get my hands on the game later this week, I'll be getting photos of all the maps uploaded and ready for your browsing. I'll also be trying to document all of the best tips and tricks available. It should be an exciting couple of weeks as we all jump into the Skylines universe.

Meanwhile, I continue to be an active player on SimCity BuildIt. I recently hit level 46 with a population of 440,000. I've also recently expanded to 210 spaces in my storage yard. The BuildIt price list has been a popular item on SCPG and I promise to update it as I come across new items related to the recent TokyoTown expansion.

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