Trade Rate Index for SimCity BuildIt - TRISCIT

Be wise with your cheddar. Refer to the TRISCIT before you make a trade

I'm a member of multiple SimCity BuildIt groups on Facebook, so I see a lot of posts related to trades. In the table below, I've listed some reasonable trade rates that you can use as a starting point when doing your deals.

You will often see the same deals fluctuate  depending on whether the person is buying or selling. They'll often try to buy on the low end and sell on the high end. My goal with this chart is to get you in the ballpark for an average price. If you're selling, you'll want to attempt to beat these prices. If you're buying, you'll want to get a deal with prices lower than these.

Trade Rate Index for SimCity BuildIt
Since trade index's always have some crazy name, I'm calling this table the TRISCIT because well, TRISCBI doesn't have the same ring to it. Leave a comment if you come up with a better name, I'm open to suggestions.

Generally speaking, land is worth more than storage. Vu remotes are on par with Tokyo as the top level items.

When beach items first came out, they were pretty much equal with Tokyo items. As time wore on, and the top level players maxed out their beaches, the trade rates plummeted. I still occasionally see beach deals, but I don't see many top level traders hoarding beach items like I did before.

How to use the chart
The first digit in the ratio represents the items found along the left side of the chart. The second digit in the ratio represents the items found along the top of the chart. Note that I had to abbreviate to get the columns to all fit on the page.

2nd No. of Ratio
BurgersCamLoBaExWhBlBaReGlLaCaBoL RS WS M
1st No. of RatioStorageCameras3:11:1              
Bonsai Tree1:21:31:31:31:21:21:22:31:12:31:11:11:1   
BeachLife Ring3:13:23:23:22:12:12:13:14:13:14:14:14:11:1  
Ships Wheel3:13:23:23:22:12:12:13:14:13:14:14:14:11:11:1 
Snorkel Mask3:13:23:23:22:12:12:13:14:13:14:14:14:11:11:11:1

Some of these I had to make my own judgment call on, because I don't see them up for trade as often. Let me know if you think I'm way off on a particular item. I want this to be a resource for the community to use as a reference, so I welcome feedback.

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