SimCity BuildIt - Specialization Data

I've compiled all of the stats for the SimCity BuildIt specializations in the table below.

Note: "Area" = The area the bonus is applied to.

In order to compare the efficiency of each I've multiplied the Area x Bonus. The higher the result, the more efficient the item is.

I've highlighted the ones that I would call the "Best-In-Class". They are the most efficient and provide the most epic points for each grouping. It's worth noting that none of the gambling buildings provide 3 epic points, making them the hardest of the epic specialization buildings to complete.

* The Sydney Opera House and Ferris Wheel have the same Area x Bonus number, but I give the ferris wheel the designator of Best-In-Class due to it having a smaller footprint.
** The City Name Sign has a higher ranking than the Mountain Castle, but it requires 700 SimCash. If money is no object, the sign is worth getting.

EducationEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Education18x825%40,00016.0
Grade School110x825%320.0
Public Library112x825%524.0
High School114x1230%750.4
Community College 216x1640%10102.4
University 322x2250%25242.0
TransportationEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Transportation18x830%40,00019.2
Bus Terminal116x1220%438.4
London Bus Terminal116x1420%544.8
Airship Hangar216x1630%1076.8
Balloon Park216x1640%14102.4
BeachEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Surfer Beach13x1210%20,0003.6
Volleyball Court14x1210%54.8
Lifeguard Tower24x1210%104.8
Beachfront Shopping Mall27x1220%1616.8
Relaxing Beach23x2020%1212.0
Merman Statue36x2020%2024.0
Bluebeard's Pirate Ship25x1220%1312.0
Water Park27x3010%1821.0
Astro-Twirl Rocket Ride39x2030%3254.0
Sailorman's Pier36x2030%2236.0
Luxury Boat Marina39x3030%5081.0
EntertainmentEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Entertainment HQ18x820%60,00012.8
Expo Center218x1640%10115.2
Globe Theatre216x1830%1286.4
Sydney Opera House *320x2060%25240.0
Ferris Wheel *320x2060%28240.0
Sumo Hall316x1640%50102.4
MountainEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
City Name Sign **311x3060%700198.0
Cozy Cottages13x1220%10,0007.2
Mountainside Cottages14x1225%412.0
Hiker's Cottages15x2030%830.0
Alpine Café26x2035%1342.0
Mountainside Train Station36x2040%1548.0
Alpine Vineyard27x3045%2094.5
Mountain Lift14x2030%30,00024.0
Ski Jumping Hill26x2040%1548.0
Ski Hotel37x2045%2563.0
Ski Resort38x3050%30120.0
Mount SimCity37x2045%2563.0
Mountain Palace38x3050%30120.0
GamblingEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Gambling HQ18x820%70,00012.8
Gambling House18x1020%316.0
Sleek Casino112x1025%530.0
Sleek Casino Tower112x1025%630.0
Sci-Fi Casino112x1230%843.2
Sci-Fi Casino Tower116x1230%957.6
Luxurious Casino216x1650%10128.0
Luxurious Casino Tower216x1660%12153.6
LandmarksEpic PtsArea% BonusKeysCoinsSimCashArea x Bonus
Department of Culture18x820%80,00012.8
Tower of Pisa214x1620%1244.8
Big Ben216x1430%1467.2
Arc de Triomphe214x1640%1689.6
Brandenburg Gate216x1440%1889.6
Empire State Building316x1640%20102.4
Statue of Liberty314x1660%30134.4
Washington Monument318x1860%40194.4
Himeji Castle316x1860%60172.8
Eiffel Tower316x1840%40115.2


  1. It seems there are other or new mountain specialization items.. Which I have not been able to figure out! There is a waterfall I've seen, a rocky mountain with a moving animal; and with those cities often an island off the beach area. Do you have any idea how to get, for example the mountain waterfall??

    1. They aren't available any more. It was a special promotion to support WWF. You can read more about it here:

  2. airship hanger is 2 EP, not 3. Might want to double check your work.

  3. It would be cool if you could include another column that describes how many keys per points you get in order to figure out which one has the best value

  4. Places of worship is not added. I wanted to know how much space it would take to build it.

  5. Is there somewhere under one of the specialization icons (maybe government) that highlights which specializations are strongest in your city? I cannot find it and I know I saw it.