An Introduction To The New SimCity Desert Maps

SimCity just released four new maps, two of which feature new desert terrain. To me it looks like the Maxis designers were fans of Breaking Bad, because the desert has what I would call a Northeast Arizona/New Mexico style of painted desert with multi-colored sands and cliffs.

Rambling Badlands is the largest of the two desert maps. Maxis described it as being for the more "competitive players" based on the challenging terrain which will force players to create the most efficient designs possible. If you're still upset about the size of the maps, please stop reading now. Perhaps Viridian Woods is more your speed.

For those that require wide-open spaces, there's really only one map to work with: Iguana Flats.  Save that one for the newbie while the big kids tackle the tough maps.  If you like picturesque maps, I'd suggest one of the three riverside maps:  Saguaro River, Barrel Bend and Agave Banks. They all having a meandering river running through them for taking that "just right" filtered shot with a sunset reflecting on the water.  Those looking for a challenge can try out the maps with the most extreme terrain: Coyote Cliffs, Cereus Ridge and Rattlesnake Ridge. However, for putting up with the terrain, they'll be rewarded handsomely with a plethora of resources to extract from the ground.

Desolation is for those requiring a serious challenge. Lacking water, yet full of canyons, these maps are no walk in the park.  It features the first two maps released with zero water ratings (Yes, ZERO): Semipalatinsk Steppes and Vastrap Ridge. It also has the first map with pre-existing pollution: Fallout Epicenter. You might as well wait until the Cities of Tomorrow expansion is released to even attempt to do anything with that map.

The cliffs found on Whitesand Springs and Rio Blanco are simply diabolical, but Rio Blanco has several good things going for it which makes it a standout. It's blessed with three entrances as well as an ample amount of oil (3) and ore (3) to go into the Omega manufacturing business. It's another one set up to take advantage of the Cities of Tomorrow capabilities. Likewise Fallout Epicenter is tailored for the Cities of Tomorrow Expansion, since using the new capabilities researched in the academy is the only way to clean up the radiation in order to get to the abundant supply of coal (3), ore (3) and oil (3).

The desert maps are all very challenging with Desolation being the biggest challenge of the two. They're tailor made for Cities of Tomorrow so I see them getting a lot of use once that's released.

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