#SimCityBTB Entry for Disgusting, Pollution Filled City

October 23, 2013

The mission: Create a disgusting, pollution filled city.

My solution: I used a map with a super long coastline, Soiree Sands in Reflection Atoll. Now, Soiree Sands has no resources, and would generally be used for a nice high wealth city or suburb. I had previously unlocked the Smelting Factories, Refineries and Trade Depots when building an arcology, so I decided to turn Soiree Sands into my own version of an industrial port, like Long Beach or Oakland.

To create the city, I gifted myself $3 Million from my Circular Casino City which is two cities away. I built High Density Residential and Commercial on one half of the map and filled the other half with eight Smelting Factories and five Refineries. I have three trade ports: Two with trains, one with boats. The fun part was that I laid out a road along the coastline and lined it with sewage outflow pipes. I haven't counted them up yet, but there must be about 30 or 40 of them. Since I’m a civil engineer in real life, this goes against everything I was taught on how to design a sewer system, but the mission was to create the most disgusting, pollution filled city….so I went with it.

Can you count the number of sewage outflow pipes?

Since this map only has one entrance, I created a central avenue that was slightly lowered to act as a main highway to provide access to the trade ports at the end. I snuck the train along the sewer outflow pipes and into the middle to provide rail access to my port. You can see it in the lower right of the photo above.

This has a nice shot of the five refineries all lined up in a row as well as the huge amount of sewage outflow pipes. I tried to provide a lot of street cut-throughs to get the sewage outflows used as equally as possible.  I'm pretty happy with how it worked out, and frankly it functions really well.  Of course it has a negative cash flow on an hourly basis, but it's all made back and then some in the sale of all the resulting alloy and plastic for a nice monthly profit.  It was a fun little project that took me two nights to complete.

I have a few more photos over on my SimCityPlanningGuide facebook page as well.

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