SimCity Build the Best Contests #SimCityBTB

Every couple of weeks the official SimCity Facebook page puts on a screen shot challenge to "Build the Best City", where each event has a different theme.

Since I've started trying to win these, I compiled a list of links to see what the previous contests were. For extra credit you can try to identify all of the SimNation Guild members in each gallery. There's usually at least 2 or 3 members in each contest.

Link to contest gallery    |         Announcement  |  Winner Name
Build the Best University City            | Results | Riccardo Coratella
Build the Best Oil City                       | Results | Roy Kersten
Build the Best Tourist City                 | Results | Christian Gendron
Build the Best Curvy City                  | Results | Dribbs
Build the Best Electronics City           | Results | SimNation Guild Member - Skyestorme
Build the Best Landmark City            | Results | larrytwhis
Build the Best Amusement Park City  | Results | lightworx78
Build the Best Green City                  | Results | cocacola95950
Build the Best Trade City                  | Results | lightworx78
Build the Best Transit City                 | Results | Skyfoxs
Build the Best Mountain City             | Results | Charles
Build the Best Filter City                   | Results | Sim Nation Guild Member - Brian Boyd
Build the Best Bridge Tunnel City      | Results | Benjamin
Build the Best Casino City                | Results | Pedro
Build the Best Circle City                  | Results | Sim Nation Guild Member - UncivlEngineer
Build the Best Spooky City               | Results | Sim Nation Guild Member - UncivlEngineer
Build the Best Polluted City              | ResultsSim Nation Guild Member - UncivlEngineer
Build the Best Tropical City              | Results | Debbie
Build the Best Omega City               | Results | Covest
Build the Best Academy City            | Results | Sim Nation Guild Member - Uncivil Engineer

If you'd like to get in on the action, read my Guide to Making a Winning Screenshot. I recommend taking part. It's fun to build a city with a particular purpose in mind and see what kind of creative spin you can put on a screenshot.

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