Every HQ and Every Product

This is the entrance to Osprey on the Verdant Jungle region. I have every headquarter building and each one is maxed out and open.

The entry road to the city is flanked by all the headquarter buildings and goes into a tunnel under city hall.
This city has every possible item being manufactured, mined or drilled. There's a coal mine, ore mine, oil wells and refinery producing fuel and plastic as well as a smelting plant producing alloy and metal. On the electronics front, I'm taking the plastic and alloy and producing processors, which in turn supply the consumer electronics plants which are producing computers and televisions. In order to keep the city educated I have two high schools, several libraries, a community college, and university. There's also a casino district with multiple low end casinos, three Sleek casinos and one Sci-Fi casino.

An overview of Osprey
In the photo above, you can see the casino district in the upper center. Processor and Consumer Electronics are being manufactured near the University in the lower right corner. Smelting and Refining is taking place in the upper right corner. The central loop has coal mines, ore mines, oil wells and trade ports. Placing the trade ports in the centeral loop worked out nicely because I used the oil well service road trick to provide interconnectivity through the middle, where regular traffic wouldn't venture. The majority of the residential and commercial is on the left side of the map, which is all on the upwind side of the map.

Financially, it's a pretty successful city, bringing in about $3 Million/month.

This goes to show that it's not the size of the map that counts, it's how you play the game. With efficiency of design you CAN have it all.

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