Sci-Fi Casino Crazy

November 2, 2013

So, I went a little crazy with the Sci-Fi casinos last night.  I'd been wanting to do it for a while, so I finally gave it a shot. I just love seeing those towers at night.

Five Sci Fi Casinos and a Tokyo Tower were in my Sci-Fi District
Here's a plan view of my layout
I separated things out with distinct districts which segregated the traffic.
I love the new Roman Casinos. Very cool looking.
Ooohhh .... Liiiiiggghhhhts
I had two train stations with railway that divided the Residential and Casino districts.
The view down Shoreline Drive

I used University dirt paths to connect the Residential and Casino Districts, allowing workers to walk to work.
I had a good time with this city, and it works pretty good for a medium wealth casino city. Traffic is virtually non-existent in my casino districts. The tourists use the railway, cruise ship terminals, bus or airship terminals. I installed streetcar track, but have not yet added any stations. It doesn't  really need them. The biggest flaw though is that things were a bit cramped. I tried to do too much, and ran out of space. I was not able to place as many Roman Casino upgrades as I wanted, and there is only a couple of hotels. I was new to using the Roman Casinos and I think I may need to make a Roman Casino city next.

Although this city does not have any elegant casinos, I'll give a plug here to Skystorme's High Wealth Tourism and Casino Guide, which I highly recommend. You can watch it below. I've always struggled with high wealth casinos and he explains how to get them to work. It essentially comes down to only attracting high wealth tourists. It's worth watching. If you want to see more of that city, which is amazing, you should watch Episodes 42-52 of his Let's Play Series. I have all of his videos indexed here. 

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